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RADIX16 Laptop Touchpad Matrix MIDI controller

A custom MIDI controller created from a 4x4 matrix of surplus laptop touchpads.

Cassette Scrubber

A portable cassette player and handful of thrift store audio cassettes repurposed into an instrument.

Contingency Reader

A host-it-yourself Google Reader replacement written in C# / ASP.NET and hosted in Azure.

Quick and Dirty NZB indexing in Python

A quick and dirty NZB indexer I built with Python and MongoDB.

Getting GitHub for Windows to play nice with PureData

I ran into a small gotcha when trying to get PureData and GitHub for Windows running on the same machine. Here's the fix.

Python and Node.js - daily quote to your wallpaper

A small Python script and Node.js server that delivers random quotes to the Windows wallpaper.

New Switchboard Cats tracks on SoundCloud

Wrapped up and uploaded 5 new Switchboard Cats tracks to SoundCloud this weekend.

Nutrition 0.5 VST

Here's a little 3 oscillator VST synth I threw together over a weekend. Have fun with it!

The Arduino Mousetrap

A quick and dirty mousetrap built using Tupperware and an Arduino

My Solution for Dell XPS M1530 DPC Latency

How to fix the audio crackles and stutters in a Dell XPS M1530

Taking the 2011 RPM Challenge!

Complete a 10 song album in the month of February

4-step 4017 Sequencer

A 4-step sequencer built around a 4017 decade counter

Atari Punk Console + mods

A custom Atari Punk Console noisemaker

Simple 555 Synth

A simple synthesizer based on a 555 timer IC.

DFRobot 4WD Arduino Mobile Platform Review

A review of the DFRobot 4WD Arduino mobile robot platform

MidiStylus - Wacom Bamboo Tablet to MIDI

Use a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet as a MIDI CC controller

Garden Rocket Software is almost here...

My development shop's first release is mere days away from going live.