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Hi. My name is Scott Metoyer

This is what I'm working on.

Okarito - A modern, mobile FogBugz client

My latest project is a FogBugz client called Okarito for iOS and Android devices.

The app was built using the excellent Ionic framework - a free, open source library built on Cordova PhoneGap and AngularJS. You can check it out here.

FogBugz is a powerful tool for project management and bug tracking that I use at work and at home. Although the system strikes a perfect balance between ease-of-use and power, the mobile experience leaves a little to be desired. Fortunately FogBugz has a very robust API that opens up all of the functionality of the system to anyone who wants to take the time to build something with it. So I did!

Okarito supports all the core FogBugz case creation and management functions, and adds some cool features like device camera integration. It also looks great and performs at close to native speed thanks to Ionic.

Try FogBugz for free and grab Okarito for iOS and Android.

Android app on Google Play

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