Hypercube is a six-sided modular synth case, allowing you to pick up and manipulate your modules in a new and inspiring way.

The case features 22hp per side and is powered by a TipTop uZeus power supply.

You can read about the project on Gearnews, or contact me for construction details or one-off builds.


Funnelweb Comments to Disqus WXR

I've been meaning to migrate my blog comments out of Funnelweb and into Disqus for a while. I never quite got comments to work to my satisfaction in Funnelweb (user error I'm sure - Funnelweb is mostly great) and I appreciated the idea of subbing that out to a dedicated service. Plus I'll get the added benefit of having centrally located discussions that I can move to any blog system I decide to down the road with minimal fuss.

RADIX16 Laptop Touchpad Matrix MIDI Controller


The RADIX16 is a custom MIDI controller I built in early 2014.

The controller is fashioned from 16 surplus laptop touchpads arranged in a 4x4 matrix. Each touchpad transmits:

  • Note on / note off when tapped
  • 0-127 MIDI CC for touch pressure
  • 0-127 MIDI CC for X axis position
  • 0-127 MIDI CC for Y axis position

For a total of 16 notes and 48 control change values available at the fingertips.