Getting GitHub for Windows to play nice with PureData

PureData-extended was recently upgraded to 0.43.4. I couldn't wait to download and play around with some of the new features and check out the GUI updates.

After installation, my GitHub for Windows suddenly and inexplicably failed to clone, push, or pull remote repositories. It would only show this rather cryptic error message:

github error

Arduino Mousetrap

The Arduino Mousecatcher is a quick project I put together to learn some of the basics of working with Arduino, and to assist in the relocation of a little gray rodent I've seen darting around the baseboard in my bedroom.

4-step 4017 Sequencer

This weeks project is a simple 4-step sequencer based around a 4017 decade counter chip. The basic schematic is based on this circuit, using a 555 timer as a clock source:

Led chaser

I changed it a bit by having the 4017 outputs drive transistors that switch current to the pitch pots (instead of turning on LEDS). Also, I triggered the chips RESET on step 4 instead of using all ten steps.

Simple 555 Synth

I'm starting a new project that will hopefully get me motivated to make some tracks. It's called 'One Instrument a Week', and it's exactly what it sounds like! I'll be building one simple music instrument or effect a week for the next year, and using them in my experimental Year of the Duck project.

Here's the first entry, a simple synth I built over a weekend based on a 555 timer IC. I used this schematic as a starting point:

555 Synth