Getting GitHub for Windows to play nice with PureData

PureData-extended was recently upgraded to 0.43.4. I couldn't wait to download and play around with some of the new features and check out the GUI updates.

After installation, my GitHub for Windows suddenly and inexplicably failed to clone, push, or pull remote repositories. It would only show this rather cryptic error message:

github error

Googling didn't turn anything up, and an email to Github for Windows helpdesk didn't provide a solution. They hadn't seen the issue before.

Some hints were discovered in the GitHub for Windows log, which can be viewed by pressing Windows Key - R (to bring up the Windows run dialog) and typing:


Doing a search for 'error' showed this message:

GitHub.IO.ProcessException: Cloning into 'daily-quote'...
error: Protocol https not supported or disabled in libcurl while accessing
fatal: HTTP request failed

There appeared to be something up with my libcurl library installation.

I remembered that the PureData installer had warned about overwriting some system files in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, so I went ahead and tried uninstalling PureData.

Surprisingly it worked! GitHub for Windows immediately started working again.

I still wanted to get my hands on the PureData upgrade though... fortunately, they have a non-installer (.zip) copy of the latest version on the download page. I downloaded, unzipped, and copied the files to a folder on my hard drive.

Success! Both PureData and GitHub for Windows ran together without error.

Now, off to make some music...