MidiStylus - Wacom Bamboo Tablet to MIDI

One of my most recent toys is a Wacom Bamboo pen tablet.

I'm using it for developing animations for an old school Sierra-style adventure game that I'm working on, but I started thinking that it would be an interesting way to interact with music software via MIDI. The tablet registers pressure as well as X and Y location, so that's three potential control values I can transmit in realtime to Ableton or some other piece of music software.

After a weekend of work I came up with MidiStylus. You can download it here.

The program interface is pretty simple:

Midi Stylus Main

You just drag the stylus around the large gray workspace in the middle of the window. The status bar at the bottom will show you the MIDI values that you''re transmitting to the three controls specified in the settings window:

Midi Stylus Settings

The program can be set to transmit any MIDI control value on any MIDI channel.

I'll be hooking it up to AudioMulch next weekend and posting some of the experiments here.